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Saturday, March 8, 2014

FIFA 14 for Nokia Windows 8 Lumia phones

EA officially release FIFA 14 for Nokia Lumia phones that are running on Windows 8 Mobile.

The game has a realistic graphics which its hardware components are put into the test

Stated by by EA that this game have a an ovehaul on its gaming system, those changes are the tapping and holding players runs individually until its highlighted, then swipe and drga in different direction, this is when you want the player run.

What does it mean? Below will show an image how it works.

I thinks this is very common in other smartphones though, but on the Lumia's case you can tap other teamates in the game if you made a decision to pass the ball.

For those traditional players, FIFA 14 for Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phones has the option to use a controller.

Other features that are offered on the lates FIFA 14 are famous stadiums and clubs from other leagues — 34 in total in stadiums, lower leagues for the club though.

Best of all, FIFA 14 is free to download, except for the microtransaction though.

So what are you waiting for, go to the marketplace and grab this game.
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