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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wangan Maximum Tune 4: My Camaro update

Our Camaro did some color change, the renewal system on this game is different to its predecessor. Instead of replacing the old card with a new one, The system will automatically placed a discarded data to your bana passport. By default I got a color White on my Camaro, right now, the system gave a color Black variety which is also new to the system. On the previous franchise, the opposite is not offered.

Here's a video that we made doing a time attack on our Chevrolet Camaro, enjoy!

Wangan Maximum Tune 4 TA x Vocatrance track by Kihtmaine888hobbies

My setup:

APW88 - Chevrolet Camaro SS RS
Aero set B
Rays Engineering TE37 Wheels
Racing mirror

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