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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Xbox 360 Troubleshooting: Error code 83118853

Seems, this would one of the most popular error message on the Xbox 360 today, the famous error code 83118853 especially to those child account or account that are under 18 who cannot login to the console. This issue appeared after the latest update happened in November of last year.

The affected were the accounts that has a "child" status on it, the implementation was to make sure that all the account where pemitted by the parents.


What is the solution to this problem?

1. Simple, just go to www.xbox.com first.
2. Sign-in first the child account.
3. After that, it will ask for the parent account.
4. Sign-in under the parent account & will verify your information.
5. It will ask you for a $.50 cents for Child Online Privacy Protection Act which is mandated by the law.

After those steps, your kid's account is up & running on the Xbox console.

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